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Child Abuse Under Texas Law

Child abuse can be very straightforward. Obviously, there are some obvious actions that fall under abuse: extreme spanking, shaking, punching, shoving, and slapping. There are all kinds ways to define abuse and help from an experienced attorney can make a huge difference in defense.


Child Neglect Under Texas Law

Again, you need an attorney to help you decide whether or not your case would fall under actual child neglect. Texas Criminal law defines neglect as “abandoning” or “endangering” a child. The Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS) defines child neglect as “improper supervision of a child left alone which could have resulted in substantial harm.”

The interpretation of these words can be subject to personal bias and experience. Don’t depend on your Caseworker, CPS, or the courts to determine these words on their own. You need a skilled attorney fighting for you. It’s that simple.

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Abandonment Under Texas Law

A person that is younger than 15 is considered a “child” under Texas law in regards to abandonment. Texas law defines this crime as “knowingly leaving a child without reasonable and necessary care without intent to return.” DFPS/CPS defines abandonment as “leaving the child in a potentially harmful situation and did not plan to return for the child.”

The criminal consequence for this can range from a State Jail Felony to a Second Degree Felony depending on the seriousness of circumstances.

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