Monitored Return

Section 263.403 of the Texas Family Code provides that the court may produce an order that “(1) retains the court’s jurisdiction; (2) returns the child to the parent; (3) continues CPS to serve as the child’s TMC; and (4) provides that CPS monitors the family to ensure the child’s safety.”  §263.403.  If the court orders … Read more

The Beginning of your Court Case

How do I get my kids back from CPS? Your case is in court and the show cause hearing also called the 14-day hearing is the start of us working to get your kids back. Most of the time, we want to avoid your case going to court but if the children have been removed … Read more

Court Orders

The Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS) A.K.A Child Protective Services (CPS)  must petition the court and gain a court order before you are required to do anything with CPS. Anything outside of a court order is by cooperation only. This is extremely important to remember when you are being threatened by a Caseworker. CPS … Read more

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