Durable Power of Attorney

We provide a comprehensive plan that includes a Durable Power of Attorney. This instrument allows you to designate a person to have the power to control your personal affairs in the event you somehow become incapacitated. Many of our clients choose the executor of their estate to also be their power of attorney.

What must a Will do?

A Will is a written instrument that is effective only on the Testator’s Death. It must be executed by a competent person, with the requisite testamentary intent, and in accordance with prescribed statutory formalities. The Will must do one or more of the following:1. Dispose of property2. Appoint an executor, or3. Revoke a prior testamentary … Read more

What’s in a Will?

A Will must be signed by the Testator (person making the Will), or in the testator’s name and presence by another person, who executes the Will at the testator’s direction. It must by signed by at least two competent witnesses who, in the Testator’s presence and in the mutual presence of other witnesses, witness at … Read more

Will or Living Trust

Will or Living Trust?A will distributes assets after one’s death. A Living Trust distributes assesst during one’s life. A Living Trust is usually necessary for children or pets.

Our Estate Plan

Why do I need a Will?A Last Will and Testament is the only plan that prevents the State of Texas from deciding how your estate is divided. This tool allows your loved ones the ability to avoid additional headaches and unnecessary legal fees. Call our office and set a free consult, 817-617-8058.

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