The Science of a DWI

Criminal Defense

Driving While Intoxicated

A first time DWI, without any enhancing factors, is a Class B misdemeanor with a special punishment range for three days to 180 days in county jail. Misdemeanor DWI’s can be enhanced with one prior DWI or with an allegation that the person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration was a .15 or greater at the time the blood was tested. Either of these factors will increase the range of punishment to 1 year in jail.

You may be worried about the punishment range. A vast majority of cases do not end in jail time. Our main goal will be to get your case dismissed or a get you on a very limited probation. Our firm has developed methods and relationships with the court that has shown huge success in negotiating a favorable plea deal. If you are interested in taking your case to trial, please see the trial section on this website.

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