Parental Child Safety Placement (PCSP)


What is a PCSP? Why are my kids with a family member or friend? How can I get my kids back? These are questions we hear and answer everyday. First, let’s define what’s going on and why your kids are placed out of the home. PCSP is defined by CPS as “a temporary, short-term out-of-home placement a parent can make when CPS determines that the child is not safe remaining in his or her own home. CPS may offer the parents the option of placing the child out of the home rather than CPS petitioning for court ordered removal of the child.”

Basically, this is your Caseworker’s (CW) way of taking the children out of the home without having to go and get a court order from a Judge. This an agreement with you and CPS. CPS will want this to stay in effect until they can figure out what to do with your case. They may still get a court order but there’s time to remedy the situation before things get worse. You will need to talk to an attorney before changing or breaking this agreement

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