What Does Financial Exploitation look like?

Possible Evidence of Exploitation: Please always remember, if you are in this situation, It is your right to say that you would like to consult an attorney.  We want to help the whole family in these situations against the District Attorney’s office and APS. Both of these entities will try and create sides and separate your … Read more

I received a Letter from Adult Protective Services (APS)?

I received a letter from APS that I’m being investigated, what should I do? Read the letter very carefully, the letter should give you a short explanation as to why they are contacting you. The letter may also list the name or names of the alleged victim of the suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Should … Read more

Theft by Diminished Capacity?

What is Theft by Diminished Capacity? Texas Law States that consent cannot be given by a person with diminished capacity. Further, consent is not effective, even when its given, by a person with diminished Capacity. The Main Elements that Prosecutors will have to prove in a case like this are: (1) the victim had diminished … Read more

Financial Exploitation Defined

Criminal Offense Texas Penal Code – PENAL § 32.53. Exploitation of Child, Elderly Individual, or Disabled Individual (a) In this section: (1) “Child,” “elderly individual,” and “disabled individual” have the meanings assigned by Section 22.04. (2) “Exploitation” means the illegal or improper use of a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual or of the resources of a child, elderly … Read more

Adult Protective Services (APS) Defense.

DO YOU HAVE A GAME PLAN? Did Someone from Adult Protective Services call you or send you a letter? Did Someone from Adult Protective Services show up to your home? Is Someone from Adult Protective Services requesting to interview your Family? Are you just hoping the APS investigation doesn’t lead to criminal charges? Are you … Read more

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