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CPS Defense

Attorneys who only practice criminal or family law are not uniquely qualified to handle these critically important cases. Unfortunately many attorneys who only practice family law or criminal law will accept these cases only to realize they don’t know how to handle the procedures unique to the CPS system. We proud ourselves in the specific way we handle CPS cases. 

Success Stories

Our success is your success. Check out some of our latest stories. Then come and talk to us about your case.

Alma-Chrystal Sanchez

We were in a panic when CPS showed up at our door and unsure of what to do. We contacted The Scalise Law Firm and it was the best decision for us! From the first call to the last they were helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt in everything that they did. Hiring a lawyer first put our minds at ease, but then hiring Brad put our lives at ease because we knew we got the best! They are affordable and willing to work with you on a payment plan. Worth every penny for my family! Thank you Brad and Velma for your hard work and dedication in keeping our family together and CPS out of our lives!

Travis Sheffield

Brad Scalise was professional and thorough every step of the way. Between the initial personal meeting, phone calls, and emails throughout the case it was evident Mr Scalise took the case seriously and had more than just financial motivations to help us. Our case was closed within months and we never had to step foot in court due to his proficiency.

Okie and Amy Ramos

Brad Scalise and his law firm did a superb job guiding us through the bureaucratic red tape of a CPS case. Brad followed through on each of his commitments to us and helped us resolve and close a case that was dragged on by CPS. If it were not for Brad and his team we would probably still be entangled in a mess of a case. Thank you Brad for your professionalism, dedication to helping families navigate through a truly difficult time in their lives and providing solace when stress is so high.

Cassilyn Crowley

I was so relieved when I found Mr. Scalise online. Brad and his team worked relentlessly for my family and I. CPS can take their time on their investigations, and when they hear you have an attorney, it will definitely speed up the closure of their investigation. Brad WILL fight for you and your family by solving what needs to be addressed and confronting CPS. I could not have picked a better attorney to represent my family. I would refer Brad to anyone and everyone. You are making the right choice by hiring him, and he will fight for you! Thank you Brad and team!

Bradley J. Scalise
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