Domestic Violence


CPS is claiming there’s Domestic Violence in our Home.

You need to talk to our firm before interviewing with the investigator or agreeing and participating any domestic violence counseling. Domestic Violence is a very common reason for CPS to be in your family’s life. We have handled a lot of these types of cases and they can be the most traumatic to the family for several reasons. The biggest issue is having the family separated because of a safety plan. Unfortunately, CPS will have you on a safety plan and not really explain how or when you will be allowed to reunite with your family. We can help you quickly and effectively based on our experience with these type of cases and our knowledge of Texas law. We want to find out if you really need to be on the safety plan or participate in domestic violence counseling. We want to get your family reunited and get your case closed as soon as possible.

Please always remember that if you are a parent in this situation, It is your right to say that you would like to consult an attorney. 

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