Indecency with a child

Under Section (a)(1) of Penal Code 21.11, You may be charged with indecency with a child if you are accused of engaging in non-penetrative sexual contact with someone under 17 years of age. The State of Texas is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the alleged touched a child’s private areas (anus, genitals, or breasts) … Read more

Domestic Violence

CPS is claiming there’s Domestic Violence in our Home. You need to talk to our firm before interviewing with the investigator or agreeing and participating any domestic violence counseling. Domestic Violence is a very common reason for CPS to be in your family’s life. We have handled a lot of these types of cases and … Read more

We are ready to FIGHT CPS!

WE WANT TO FIGHT FOR YOU. What does it mean to fight CPS? This means holding them accountable and we want to hold them accountable for you. We want to know why they are in your life and what evidence supports them being in your life. Why is this case open? Why is the case … Read more


CPS wants me to do Family Based Safety Services? You need to talk to our firm before participating or completing Family Based Safety Services. Some or all of the services required by CPS are not necessary and we want to represent you in order to determine if services are required to reunite your family or … Read more

Why does CPS have to put kids in foster care?

Occasionally, kids have to be removed and placed into the foster care system. It’s a sad reality that is sometimes unavoidable and necessary to protect kids. The problem with some counties and some units is that they use the current system in order to manipulate the case against you and take advantage of the powers … Read more

Monitored Return

Section 263.403 of the Texas Family Code provides that the court may produce an order that “(1) retains the court’s jurisdiction; (2) returns the child to the parent; (3) continues CPS to serve as the child’s TMC; and (4) provides that CPS monitors the family to ensure the child’s safety.”  §263.403.  If the court orders … Read more

The Beginning of your Court Case

How do I get my kids back from CPS? Your case is in court and the show cause hearing also called the 14-day hearing is the start of us working to get your kids back. Most of the time, we want to avoid your case going to court but if the children have been removed … Read more

Is CPS on the prowl?

Is Abuse and Neglect on the rise or is CPS on the prowl? You have probably seen the posts on social media and the news of growing concern towards a possible increase in abuse and neglect because of the stay at home orders. This concern is a valid but I’m curious as to whether or … Read more

Why is CPS at my door?

Why is CPS visiting my home and wanting to talk to my family? In most situations, someone called the CPS hotline and made a claim/report against you or your family. The State of Texas requires that CPS to investigate every report. An investigation is an attempt to gather information and build a case against you. … Read more

Safety Plans

What did I just sign? A safety plan is simply an agreement between you and Child Protective Services (CPS). A safety plan is not a court order and does not have the same effect as a court order. Again, it is just an agreement between you and CPS. These agreements can require a parent to … Read more

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