We are ready to FIGHT CPS!



What does it mean to fight CPS? This means holding them accountable and we want to hold them accountable for you. We want to know why they are in your life and what evidence supports them being in your life. Why is this case open? Why is the case still open? Why are you on a safety plan? Why is your family separated? Why are you doing all of these services? How do we get this case to close? We want to get straight to the point with your investigator or caseworker and find out what, if anything, supports their demands. We want to represent you and figure out if any admissible evidence supports their demands and we will demand immediate case closure if the evidence DOES NOT supports their demands. WARNING: Please consult with our office before using any of the tactics mentioned above or on our website. We highly recommend that you consult with an attorney before ever proceeding on your own with any of the helpful information provided by this website.

Finally, please always remember that if you are a parent in this situation, It is your right to say that you would like to consult an attorney. 

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