Our Game Plan

DO YOU HAVE A GAME PLAN? Are you just waiting on CPS to tell you what to do? Are you waiting on someone to call you back? Are you just hoping that CPS acknowledges passed drug tests? Are you just hoping that CPS acknowledges the parenting class you did? You must stop waiting on CPS … Read more

Accused by CPS

What is your Allegation? Child Abuse Under Texas Law Child abuse can be very straightforward. Obviously, there are some obvious actions that fall under abuse: extreme spanking, shaking, punching, shoving, and slapping. There are all kinds ways to define abuse and help from an experienced attorney can make a huge difference in defense.   Child … Read more

The Science of a DWI

Driving While Intoxicated A first time DWI, without any enhancing factors, is a Class B misdemeanor with a special punishment range for three days to 180 days in county jail. Misdemeanor DWI’s can be enhanced with one prior DWI or with an allegation that the person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration was a .15 or greater at … Read more